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When Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014, security-conscious users and privacy experts were worried. After all, thousands of users’ private information was leaked as a result of multiple security breaches involving Facebook and its third-party apps. WhatsApp, on the other hand, has always maintained that it is a separate app that is devoted to developing and maintaining a secure messaging service.

That will soon change. Facebook recently made the announcement that they are thinking about combining three distinct messaging platforms. They intend to combine the messaging features of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram, making it possible for users to communicate with one another across the three platforms.

End-to-end encryption would be implemented on all three platforms as part of the current plans, according to a source. In theory, this would make WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger as secure as WhatsApp. However, this may also make WhatsApp significantly less secure, bringing it in line with the standards of the other platforms.

Security Gaps in WhatsApp The WhatsApp iconWhatsApp advertises end-to-end encryption as an excellent security feature. The business, on the other hand, needs to close a few gaps.

They may use the information we give them and we give them to help operate, provide, improve, understand, customize, support, and market our services and their offerings.

In the normal course of providing our services, we do not keep users’ messages. However, if they choose to include them as part of their account information, we do host their profile information—such as their profile picture, profile name, or status message.

This means that WhatsApp stores user data on private servers, despite the fact that your messages are probably safe. This data can be used by the business for advertising.

In addition, in the event of an “out of the ordinary” circumstance, the data stored on their servers may be provided to the government. Users’ phone numbers and account information can also be accessed by hackers by gaining access to WhatsApp servers.

The 5 Best WhatsApp Alternatives: These Apps Will Keep Your Privacy and Keep You Safe 1. The app icon for Signal Signal is free, secure, and compatible with all mobile platforms. Signal, like the majority of other messaging apps, is extremely user-friendly. Voice and video calling are also available, so you won’t miss WhatsApp.

Signal comes with desktop installation files, allowing you to use the app on both your computer and mobile device.

Encryption prevents anyone but the sender and receiver from reading any message. Hackers can’t even read the messages. Experts are able to test Signal and find bugs because it uses open-source encryption. The app is made even more secure by this.

By setting a time limit for when messages will be deleted automatically, users can choose to let them go away.
Emojis that move aren’t available in Signal. The app, on the other hand, lets you import the emojis from your device.

2. The app icon for Threema Threema promises total privacy. The information for your groups and contact lists is only saved on your phone, not in the app. When a message is delivered, it is deleted immediately. You can also connect with people using an 8-digit Threema ID rather than a phone number, which further safeguards your privacy. Unique QR codes can be used to verify contacts.

All types of messages, including texts, voice calls, shared files, and group chats, can be encrypted from beginning to end with Threema. Even your status messages are encrypted so that no one can see what you post.

Threema can be used safely in the browser. The app, like WhatsApp, lets you send files and locations as well as formatting features. Users can create polls and “like” individual messages in contrast to WhatsApp. You can even password-protect and hide particular chats.

Switzerland, where Threema is based, is known for its privacy-friendly laws.

3. With over 200 million active users, Telegram is a popular WhatsApp alternative. Telegram’s app icon The cloud-based application is usable on a variety of platforms. It uses a double-tick system, similar to WhatsApp, to show when someone received a message.

For voice calls, the app uses end-to-end encryption by default to ensure that no one can listen in on your conversations. However, e2e encryption is only enabled by default for its “Secret” chats.

Cloud-based encryption is only used in normal one-on-one messages, group chats, and channels. This indicates that Telegram stores your messages on its servers, which could be accessed by the company or anyone with access to the server.

Telegram, like Signal, lets you set a timer for when a message will be deleted automatically.

4. Wire is a safe messaging app with end-to-end encryption that is shielded by European data retention laws. It provides paid business plans with additional support and features in addition to free personal accounts. Voice and video communications are crystal clear with Wire.

Screen sharing is available individually and in groups with Wire. Audio filtering and sharing of multimedia files are also supported. You are able to access your account from eight synced devices, and it is available for all major platforms.

Within chats, you can make lists and format text with bold and italics. You will also be able to set timers to delete messages for extra privacy and optimize file sizes for easier sharing.

5. Riot. IRC Riot Icon of the IM app It offers end-to-end encryption for messages as well as support for VoIP and video calling. Each user is assigned a unique ID; Your anonymity is helped by the fact that this ID is used in place of a phone number.

Open-source software powers Riot. It provides its own bots, but developers are encouraged to develop their own. The software becomes more adaptable and secure as a result of this interaction with users. Because of its open source features, Riot is better suited for developer teams than for business groups.


Users can visit any public Riot chat room. Riot has chat rooms. Additionally, you can access private rooms through a link.

In addition, the app is available in seven languages and has a simple and user-friendly interface on the desktop client. You can also connect to other applications with it.


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