Here’s an illustration of a Boomerang that USA Basketball posted to Instagram: You can take, edit, share, and find photos with VSCO (formerly VSCO Cam). The app has a lot of high-quality filters that can help you get the look you want, as well as free editing tools like fade, clarity, skin tone, tint, sharpen, … Read more


MuseCam is a great iOS app for taking and editing photos. It has advanced tools like HSL and Curves, manual camera controls, and a slew of professional-looking camera presets. The Boomerang app on Instagram turns a series of photos into a GIF-like image. However, a Boomerang and a GIF differ in one small but significant … Read more


Your mobile device. When it comes to creating new content, small businesses are always on the lookout for faster, simpler, and less expensive methods. Also, smartphones are now like all-in-one production studios, giving us all the ability to create world-class content with a variety of fun apps that are often easy to use. We’ll show … Read more


It can be a little overwhelming to know that you must regularly produce new content for multiple social media channels, especially when you consider the variety of skills required for success. Today, every marketer needs to be a designer, photographer, videographer, copywriter, editor, and more all at the same time. Fortunately, there are now a … Read more