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These programs make it simple to delete empty folders from your computer. All of these can be downloaded for free to your Windows PC. Some of the features of these programs include: can scan your computer and let you delete empty folders on the hard disk or in a specific folder or location; can automatically select empty folders that are found; can permanently delete these empty folders; can also search for zero-byte files; does not require installation (portable software); can check for empty folders through the context menu of Windows Explorer; and more. You can attempt these free erase void envelopes programming and find which suits you better.

Free software called Empty Folder Cleaner allows you to search your system for empty folders. You can check the whole framework or explicit envelopes for void catalogs. It can be set to mark particular kinds of files as junk (*.tmp, desktop.ini, and thumbs.db are the ones it considers junk by default). You can also ignore specific directories, and by default, it ignores Recycled and other system directories. Additionally, the empty parent folder is deleted. Both a portable and installation version of the program are available.

High level Win Utilities Free is a multi-reason programming for Windows. It has a number of useful tools, like the “Empty Folder Removal” tool. It can be used to search any drive or folder for empty files. The empty folders can be easily deleted with just one click after the scanning process is finished. You can also change its settings to include or ignore file types, among other things. Additionally, you can incorporate EmptyFolderRemoval into the context menu of Windows Explorer. It can also look for empty files (zero bytes).

Quick Unfilled Envelope Locater is little and simple to utilize programming to track down void organizers on your framework. By using it, you can search for empty folders on any drive or folder. Subsequent to finishing checking it shows you the rundown of void registries and you can choose them effectively and erase them to Reuse Container or For all time. It is a lightweight application.

You can search for empty directories or folders in the selected drive or folder with Empty Folder Nuker. In the wake of choosing envelope to filter and clicking Find button it provides you with a rundown of void organizers. It is little in size and doesn’t need establishment. Additionally, it can be utilized as a portable application.

JoseDelEmpty is a small program that can delete empty folders. It can get rid of any folders that don’t have any files in them. Simply browse to the root folder and click the Proceed button. It displays a confirmation dialog box before deleting empty folders. If you choose “yes,” It will delete every empty folder without displaying any results. It erases void parent envelopes moreover.

Puran Delete Empty Folders is a Windows utility that finds empty folders and is free and simple to use. It makes it simple to locate empty folders on any drive or location on your PC. You can also exclude particular folders. Select the empty folders from the scan and click the “Delete Selected” button to delete them.

Bitser is a Windows application with multiple uses. It can also locate and delete empty folders. It can be used from any context menu for a folder. From the Bitser menu, select “Delete Empty Subfolders” by right-clicking on any folder. You can make and oversee chronicles, use secret word supervisor and other different instruments of this free programming.

Another free file management application from ListeningPC, Fast Empty Folder Finder, allows you to locate and delete empty folders. You can peruse for envelope from its point of interaction and snap “Search Now!” When the search is finished, the list of empty folders is displayed. By simply clicking the button labeled “Delete Checked Folder(s),” you can now easily select the folders and delete them permanently.

For finding and removing empty folders in a specific location, the free software Vanity Remover is very small—just 33 kilobytes. You can run this minuscule device and peruse for drive or envelope to begin search process. Subsequent to tapping the green bolt button it will give you the choice to click alright or Drop button and assuming that you click alright button, it will erase every one of the vacant envelopes found.

Glary Utilities is a set of system utilities that you can use to quickly and easily take care of your computer. In the “Advanced Tools” tab, there is also a utility to remove empty folders. You can utilize it from setting menu of any envelope (right snap) moreover. The program’s interface is straightforward and user-friendly, making it simple to comprehend.

DelEmpty is a basic and simple to utilize void envelope remover device. By searching for the root folder, you can find empty folders. Then, at that point, it will look for void envelopes inside this organizer. It displays the output in a matter of seconds, selects all empty directories by default, and you must click the Delete button on its interface. This is a single executable file that can be used as a portable application without requiring installation.


Anvide Circle Cleaner is a multipurpose plate cleaning utility. It has different plate cleaning choices and looking and eliminating of void organizers is one of them. To begin the search throughout your system for empty folders (complete PC scan), you can select “Search of empty folder” and then “Check.” You can permanently delete empty folders found by clicking the “Remove” button after searching.


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