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GEPCO Bill Online Check View, Print, and Download 2022

Check and Pay GEPCO’s latest bill online, using your electricity bill reference number. you can get a duplicate copy of your bill from allied news website.

GEPCO Online bill Check 2022

gepco bill check online by entering your reference number here,

بجلی کا بل فری یہاں سے دونلوڈ کریں GEPCO



GEPCO was founded on 25 April 1998 for providing electricity supply and maintenance to all of Gujranwala and its interlinked cities.

Check The other electricity company’s bill,


How to Check GEPCO bill online?

  • Visit Allied news for all Pakistan Electricity Bill Online Check.
  • enter your bill 14 digital reference number and click on the view bill button.
  • you will see a copy of your latest Gapco bill.
  • you can save, download, and print also.

How to Find GEPCO Bill Reference Number?

If you want to verify your bill you must need the reference number of your bill, if you are unable to find your reference number, you have to

look at the third row of your bill, but if you can’t be sure again look at the below picture.

GEPCO Bill reference number

Benefits of paying GEPCO Bills online:

  • It’s very easy to pay your bills online instead of standing in queues at the banks.
  • Online bill payments are completely safe.
  • It’s a simple way of money management.
  • Electricity online bill payment is helpful for your finance.
  • Online payments are ecologically beneficial.

What areas come under GEPCO Supply?

  • Gujranwala
  • Hafiabad
  • Narowal
  • Sialkot
  • M.B.Din

GEPCO has around 3098120 connections and for the years 2016 and 2017 average monthly collection was around 8937 million rupees.

How to pay GEPCO Bills?

You can pay your GEPCO electricity bill by using a hard copy of the bill, it didn’t receive the bill you paid by using a previous bill copy and through approved bank branches or online payment applications like Jazchash, Easypaisa, and any other app use for online payment.

How do you Check GEPCO Bill is paid or not?

You can check if your bill is paid or not by calling at helpline and visiting the customer service facility. This feature is currently not available for online platforms, but only approved branches of banks can check whether you were paid or not. For getting bill information we recommend phoning the helpline. There are some methods for getting GEPCO Bill information.

1. Email service bill payments:

Here is where you can signup for email service, you can simply submit your email address with the reference number of your bill. We will send you your monthly bill through email before the due date. We will purpose this service because you’ll get the all information through email on your smartphone.

2. GEPCO Bill SMS service:

Invoice SMS bill service is a fantastic feature given by GEPCO’s official website it’s possible to signup for a monthly bill, you can just send an SMS with the reference number and receive your monthly bill information through SMS. If you are interested in finding this service we highly recommend the GEPCO official website for you.

3. GEPCO Helpline:

GEPCO: Gujranwala Electricity power Company 656/A G.T Road Gujranwala

Phone No:055-9200545

GEPCO Bill payment:

GEPCO bills can be paid through several methods, both online and offline. You can pay in any branch bank or post office and through any online application such as Easypaisa, JazzCash, and any other use for online payment. If you have a bank account you have to request the bank for Internet Banking, then download the bank app to manage your account to pay your GEPCO bills. So, here we have the list of the top 3 main gateways for Electricity bill payment.

  • Internet and Mobile Banking
  • JazzCash
  • Easypaisa

1. Internet and Mobile Banking:

Mobile banking bill pay
Mobile Banking

All commercial banks in Pakistan allow their customers to pay for their electricity bills online through the Internet and Mobile Banking services. All you need to do is visit the website of your local distribution company to find out which banks are allowing you to pay your bills.

2. EasyPaisa App:

EasyPaisa is one of the best mobile wallets for online utility bill payment in Pakistan. It allows their customers to pay a store of bills within a few minutes. If you want to pay your gepco gujranwala bills online through the Easypaisa app you just download the Easypaisa app and create an account and set your pin code, then you have to tap on “Bill Payments” select your electricity distribution company from the given list, enter you Reference Number, must sure your ‘Name’ and ‘Meter Number’ and click the button “Pay Now”, before completing this transaction lastly enter your ‘PIN CODE’ for conformation.

3. JazzCash App:


JazzCash is another online bill payments gateway that offers their customer to pay bill online gepco. there are two ways to pay your bill the JazzCash app or through the JazzCash code. Paying through the JazzCash app is similar to the Easypaisa app like downloading the app than creating an account and selecting the company, conforming to the bill details, and entering your pin to complete the transaction.

But if you want to pay through the JazzCash code, first of all, you have to dial *786# to register your number then the same way select the company name, enter the consumer number, etc.

If you have any queries or concerns about bill payments you can contact your electricity company helpline for clarifications.

For more information about online bill payments in Pakistan feel free to the Allied News team and must subscribe to (alliednews.org) to get all upcoming updates about Online bill payments companies in Pakistan.




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