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HESCO Bill Online Check and Download Duplicate Bills 2022

HESCO Duplicate Bill 2022 Online every month here on (allied news), It’s a completely free online website where you can get your all electricity and another utility bill online.

You can find your latest bill, due dates, due charges, and last date, also print out a copy of your (HESCO) bill, and pay your bill online or at any branch of a bank or post office.

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HESCO Bills Online Check



Check your HESCO bill Online even if you are not at or anywhere inside Pakistan and also anywhere in the world you can check your bill online it’s free of cost for HESCO consumers. You just enter your14 figures Reference Number in the given field and get your bill details.

HESCO Bill Reference Number

How to Check HESCO Duplicate Bill 2022?

  • Visit the website (
  • Enter a 14-digit Reference Number.
  • Gets the latest bill details with a due date.
  • Click The “Full View Bill” button and save the copy or printable file.
  • Pay through Online gateways Internet and Mobile Banking, EasyPaisa, JazzCash, etc.

Latest below measure to access the HESCO Duplicate Bill 2022 method:

Hedredradab Electric Supply Company (HESCO) public limited company established on April 23, 1998. HESCO is responsible for electric power distribution to Hyderabad and its surrounding areas in Sindh.

HESCO provides electricity to 12 Districts of Sindh, Pakistan, and it covers more than 1,138,328 consumers, HESCO set up 4, operation circles 15, Divisions 67, Sub, divisions 6, construction Divisions, and 5, M&T Divisions, HESCO trying day and night to provide a smooth supply of electricity to its consumers.

Areas Come Under HESCO

Area under HESCO

The 4 operational Circles are managed by Superintending Engineers (SEc), 15 Divisions are managed by Executive Engineers (XENs), and 67 Sub-divisions come under the Sub-divisions Offices (SDOs), and each division has Customer Service Officer(CSO).

Duplicate Bill 2022 Email Service:

The invoice Email service is an amazing feature of HESCO’s official website. You just signup for the monthly bill by giving the Email address and Reference Number and you will receive your bill (HESCO Duplicate Bill 2022) every month before the expected date if you are finding the invoice SMS service we highly recommend the HESCO website.

New Connection Registration and Transfer process:

Firstly we suggest reading carefully the instructions given by the HESCO, click the below button to check the complete process.

HESCO Helpline:

HESCO Headquater: WAPDA Complex Hussainabad, Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan.

Phone+(92) 22- 9260161
Email[email protected]

Bill Taxes:

HESCO Bill Online Check Bill Charges
HESCO Bill Online Check Bill Charges

Here we the list of these taxes which you see on the HESCO Duplicate Bill 2022:


1FPAFPA represents the charges of fuel oil. The PAF price of gas woned by HESCO to generate power out of oil. You may see the number on your HESCO Duplicate Bill 2022, whenever fuel cost is payable.
T.R is short to get tariff rationalization surcharges. It really NEPRS and GOP tariff gape when the gap favorable, it’s going to payable soon by GOP as subsidy.
3FC ChargesFC stands for Lending Price, the offers to make a bill 33 Piasa hamilton academic surcharges to pressure a set of debit serving of its ability holding personally limited.
4Deferred VolumeWhich can be actually the bill quantity that you can be cover in 30 days period or even more. you can find no overcharges on views and the next statement may possibly incorporate this number in full or payments.
5QTR Triff adj/DMCThere will be the final tariff modification level. You will be observed this number on every bill on your bill or after a couple of weeks.

If you want Now more about HESCO and other Electric distribution companies Click the below button.


Q = How to check the Reference Number?

Ans: If you want to find your reference number just look at your bill top left corner in row 3. if you are not sure check the sample pic given in the post.

Q= How much Area comes under HESCO?

Ans: The HESCO is divided into 4 circles Hyderabad, Larkana, Nawabshah, and Mirpurkhas. These circles are divided into 15 divisions and 67 Subdivisions.

Q= How to download the HESCO bill?

Ans: For Downloading HESCO Online just enter your reference number in the given field and click the button “View Full Bill” here you can save or download your bill.

Q = How we can get the HESCO Email or SMS service?

Ans: If you want to get Customer Email service visit the Hesco official website just signup for free and give your Email and reference number and get the bill every month before the expected date.




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