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IESCO Online Bill – Check and Print, Duplicate IESCO Bills 2022

Islamabad Electricity bill online checks and downloads 100% free in 2022. You can check any of yours on our website in less than a minute on your Mobile, laptop, computer, etc.

You just need a reference number available on your bill put it into the given field below and check your bill. But, if you want to get its print click the “Full View Bill” button to save the print.

This service allows you to view and download your IESCO bill online, making it easy to keep track of your usage and payments.

IESCO Online Bill 2022

اسلام آباد بجلی کا بل فری یہاں سے دونلوڈ کریں



IESCO Online Bill Check Reference Number:

If you want to know about your IESCO Bill reference number just look at your bill in the top left corner or in row 3. But, if you are not sure about the reference number just look at the below picture in the given picture your reference number is marked with a red box.

IESCO Online Bill Reference Number
IESCO Bill ONline

How to Check IESCO Online Bill?

You check all kinds of IESCO online bills like electricity, gas, and CDA here (alliednews.org) just enter your reference number and get your bill, if you want it to print or duplicate copy just click the “Full View Bill” button and save your bill print.

IESCO Online Bill is a service provided by IESCO for its customers. By using this service, IESCO customers can view and download their monthly electricity bills.

How to Pay IESCO Bill Online?

you can pay your IESCO bill online via Bank App, Mobile Wallet, or Nearby Pakistan Post office.

from your mobile or Bank application, you can find the utility bill option and then find the electricity bill pay option and there you will get IESCO Option for online bill payment.

enter your reference number and you will get the bill amount, simply pay and save your receipt

Check The other electricity company’s bill,


About IESCO Bill Online Check 2022:

A division of WAPDA called IESCO (Islamabad Electric Supply Company), The company was formed in 1998 to meet the Electric power needs of Islamabad. The company currently supplies electricity from Attock to Islamabad. If you are a customer of IESCO and looking for an online copy of your Electric Bill, you are at the right place.

Not only can you read your bill but you can also get a copy of it online. Just enter your reference number in this box and save a copy of your bill. For this, you can take advantage of the free bill checking service on our website.

Look at some charges mentioned on your bill:

IESCO Bill charges

IESCO Bill Online taxes customers have to pay with the bill are as follows.

1. FPA.

Many people wonder what this SPA tax on the IESPO bill, FPA stands for fule Price Adjustment Which means that whatever fuel is used to generate electric power in the industries is valued a great deal by converting it into taxes.

2. TR Surcharges.

Triff Rationalization Surcharges are known as T.R surcharges. NEPRA assists tariff according to the criteria govt applies a unified tariff on all distribution companies. This is the difference between NEPRA and GOP. If the difference between them is positive GOP will pay the “Subsidy” but if the difference between them is negative distribution companies pay the T.R surcharges to GOP.

3. FC Surcharges.

FC stands for Financing Cost to secure the collections of POWER Holding privately limited, the Financing Cost surcharges are set by 43 paise per unit.

4. Bill Timing.

Your bill may reach you at any date throughout the month depending on your location, However, you can check your bill history to find out when the bill was introduced, when it reached you, and how long the bill has been paid.

How much Area comes under IESCO Operation?

Islamabad CircleRawalpindi CircleAttock CircleJehlum CircleChawla Circle
1Islamabad Division 1Rawat DivisionTaxila DivisionJehlum Division 1Chakwal Division
2Islamabad Division 2City DivisionPindigheb DivisionJehlum Division 2Talagang Division
3Barakah Division 1Cantt DivisionAttock DivisionGujar khan DivisionDhidial Division
4Satellite Town DivisionPind Dadan Khan Division
5Westridge Division

IESCO New Connection and Transfer Procedure:

If you bought a new house and The IESCO connection is already enrolled with the last owner and want to change or modify the owner name in the invoice just click the below button to check the complete procedure or visit the IESCO Head Office.

IESCO Complaint Helpline Services:

If you have any complaints you can visit the IESCO complaints resolution Head Office located at Street # 40, Sector 7/4 Islamabad, you can visit here and submit your complaints. You can directly send your complaints on the following numbers.

Telegram: 051-9252937,9252938,9252939

Fax: 051-9252927

If you have any questions or any queries feel free Visite our website


Q= How to check IESCO Bill Online?

Ans: Visit our website alliednews.org and just enter your Reference Number and check the bill.

Q= How to Check my bills History?

Ans: When you enter your Reference Number Click the “Full View Button” and check the billing history.

Q= How to apply for a new connection?

Ans: You just open the (link) and check the complete procedure or visit our Head Office.

How to Complaint as an IESCO consumer?

If you have any complaint visit our Head Office st,40 Sector 7/4 Islamabad or contact on the following numbers



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