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LESCO Online Bill Check, Duplicate Bill Download and Print 2022

At Lesco, you can check Lesco’s online bill by reference number or customer ID. You can check the bill amount, due date, and payment status to see if your bill has been paid.

LESCO Bill Online Operation Circles



Sr# Operation CirclesDivisionsSub-divisions
1Northern Lahore Circle528
2Central Lahore Circle531
3East Lahore Circle423
4District Okara Circle423
5South Eastern Lahore Circle426
6Seikhupura Circle418
7District Kasur Circle530
8District Nankana Circle416

Find LESCO Online Bill Reference Number:

Some people refer to the reference number as the user number and the user ID as the user ID, but technically there is no user number or ID on LESCO bills. So you can consider the Consumer Number / ID or Reference Number.

Leskobel. Pk saves your monthly bills if you check regularly. So if you are looking for your old bill for the month of February 2022, you can see it here (if you checked your bill last month using Lesco bill. Pk). You can also subscribe to the bill email service and you will automatically receive your new bill for April 2022 via email.

lesco bill online

No need to get both (reference number and customer ID), just one value is enough to get your duplicate Lesco WAPADA bill.

How to check the LESCO bill Online?

We’ve made it easy to enter reference numbers where all you need to do is type in the number and our system will handle input field focus. On other websites, this is a bit annoying when you have to manually focus on the second and third input fields, but Lesco bill. pk has made it easier to enter reference numbers by handling the input focus itself. Has given

The easiest way to check LESCO Online Bill is provided:

Here at Lesco bill.pk, we’ve made it extremely easy to check Lesco’s electricity bill online and then download or print a copy of the duplicate bill for free, and the bill generated from this web at any bank. Can be used to collect bills. Lescobill.

Steps to LESCO Online Bill:

  • Visit the Alliednews.Org Bill website.
  • Enter the reference number in the given field.
  • You will see your bill amount, due date, issue date, etc.
  • Check the current bill details.
  • In full bill view, you can print or download your utility bill.

PITC LESCO Online Bill Lahore:

If you don’t know how to find a reference number or customer ID, don’t worry. Just pick a copy of the old bill and compare it with the picture below. It is located in the upper left corner of your bill, below the “TARIFF” on the right. Please look at the red light areas in the picture and you will get the reference number soon:

Looking for a pitch LESCO Online Bill? Stop searching! If you live in Lahore or surrounding areas, use this website to get your WAPDA electricity bill.

There are various distribution companies for Rawalpindi / Islamabad, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Peshawar, and other important divisions. So if you are not sure what is the name of your electricity distribution company, you can check this list of electricity distribution companies in Pakistan. Billing can be found on the website alliednews.org

LESCO Online Bill helpline:

LESCO Helpline

In case of any complaints or queries, you can contact LESCO Headquarters by calling Customer Services No. 111-000-118. If the line is constantly busy, it does not mean that the recipient has been removed from the line and there is no one to respond, but it does mean that a large number of users are trying to reach, It may take some time for you to connect.

If you have problems with your bill, such as “bill block”, or you are looking for a bill correction, you can visit the Customer Service Center in your local area, or LESCO Headquarters (111-000-). 118). Go to the nearest office for new connection/registration.

Understanding the LESCO Online Bill:

Let us go through the key areas of the LESCO WAPDA Bill. Many people can ask questions about bill fields like FPA, CR, Bill Relief, etc.

Meaning of CR:

CR is the amount of a credit bill. This is the amount of balance that may appear on your bill if you have paid your last bill in excess of the original bill amount. This amount will be deducted from your next bill (s) as it is like an advance payment. For example, if you have CR = -500, your next bill amounts to 2000, then 2000 to 500 will be deducted, and you only have to pay 1500.

Deferred Bill:

If you see ‘Bill Deferred’ on LESCO Online Bill, it means that you have a choice to pay the full amount of your bill or defer your bill, and your current bill. The amount will be divided into installments and will be included in the next bills.

PM Relief:

During the Coronavirus epidemic, the government has given relief to LESCO and all other power supply companies where household consumers using less than 300 units of electricity are free to pay their bills or not. , And if they do not pay, divide it into installments and add it to the next bill without any additional charges. Along with the PM relief package, commercial consumers have also been given subsidies on their electricity bills.

Taxes in LESCO Bill Online:

1FC SurchargeFinancing Cost (FC-SUR) Surcharge was introduced on June 10, 2015. This surcharge applies to units used to ensure recovery of debt service of Power Holding Pvt. Ltd. FC surcharge cost is calculated at 0.43 per unit.
2GSTGST is a general sales tax that applies to the price of electricity. At present, the rate of GST is 17%.
3LESCO Bill Arrears / AgeOutstanding balance or the amount that was not paid in the last bill. You can view this field if you have converted your bill into installments, or you have paid part of the bill.

FPA in LESCO Bill?

FPA  in LESCO Bill
  • Fuel Price Adjustment (FPA) is a system for adjusting electricity tariffs based on fuel price fluctuations. The price of FPA is related to the fuel prices of rental power companies that generate electricity from crude oil etc.
  • How can I check the status of the LESCO WAPDA bill, whether my bill has been paid or not?
    Just enter your reference number or customer ID at the top, scroll down to the next page and see the payment status.
  • you can find it by reference number or customer ID, not by name or ID card number.
  • In case of the normal connection up to Rs. 2,000 You can reach up to SDO which allows three equal monthly installments.
  • If your arrears are close to Rs. 10,000, then XEN is the person who can get you three equal monthly installments (up to).
  • And finally, if the amount of arrears is close to Rs. SE is eligible for up to four equal monthly installments.
  • If you think your meter reading is incorrect, you can go to the nearest customer service center to correct the bill.


Q= How much area is covered by LESCO?


Sr#Operation CirclesDivisionsSub-divisions
1Northern Lahore Circle528
2Central Lahore Circle531
3East Lahore Circle423
4District Okara Circle423
5South Eastern Lahore Circle426
6Seikhupura Circle418
7District Kasur Circle530
8District Nankana Circle416

Q= How to find the LESCO reference number?

Ans: The Reference Number is given on every LESCO bill, So you can consider the Consumer Number / ID or Reference Number.

Q= Explain the LESCO bill taxes?

Ans: there are three types of taxes in the LESCO bill as follow:

  • FC Surcharges
  • GST
  • LESCO Bill Arrears / Age

If you have any questions or queries visit the LESCO official website.




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