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Android smartphones formerly pack a lot of customization options for the druggies to apply their design to the home screen, navigation, and status bar. There’s a huge presence of third- party MODs which occasionally need root access to change the native look of your device. still, the same can be attained by using the Android Theme Apps also. These apps have opened colorful spheres of customizations on an Android device. The druggies can fluently convert the whole stoner Interface of the device with just a many gates.

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The Android launchers are also a part of customizations, but they’ve certain limitations occasionally. The launcher apps are limited home screen customization, but the theming apps can completely change the way how your Android smartphone looks. The druggies can fluently apply skins or contraptions to get a beautiful and asked look on your smartphones.

colorful theming apps are available in the Play Store. We’ve created a list of stylish Android theming apps that can be used for flawless customization across the whole device. Some launchers with the capability to deep customize the Android smartphones are also present in the list below.

List of Android Theme Apps
KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker
It’s a popular customization app available for Android bias. It’s the most important Live Wallpaper creator that uses the WYSIWYG editor to produce designs. It also supports colorful parameters, triggers, and conduct to support the skin. The druggies can produce their skin or can download from the Play Store or any other third- party website.

The Kustom allows druggies to produce customized digital watches, rainfall contraptions, timepieces, live chart backgrounds, music controls, system observers, wallpapers, etc. All the features can be used to produce intuitive and creative skins for smartphones.

In order to use the KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker, the stoner need to install an Android standard launcher similar as Nova Launcher and others. piecemeal from customization, there are some free presets available in the featured section with custom sources, colors, sizes and goods. vitality similar as 3D flip metamorphoses, twisted and slanted textbook are also part of the KLWP. It indeed supports complex programming language with functions and conditions. Then are some third- party KLWP themes

Deep Customization and integrity

announcements on Free interpretation
Complex for first- time druggies

KWGT – Kustom contrivance
As like KWLP, the KWGT – Kustom contrivance app is also developed by Kustom diligence. still, the KWGT is especially erected to produce new contraptions. These contraptions which are known as komponents can be used in a KWGT contrivance or a KLWP Live Wallpaper. Unlike the KWLP, the KWGT allows drag and drop of contraptions from the contrivance director of the launcher.


KWGT uses a WYSIWYG editor to produce new designs and display the demanded data without affecting battery life. It’s a small part of Kustom Live Wallpaper. The app supports all the tools, including custom sources, colors, shapes, 3D flip metamorphoses, slants, progress versifiers, and a lot further.

It indeed supports Google Fitness, native music serviceability, Weather, and Tasker. The vacuity of complex fine function conditions and global variables makes it uncompetitive to any other contrivance maker.


Complex programming language support
Vast objects support
Third- party services integration

utmost of the features limited for Pro Version

UCCW – Ultimate custom contrivance
It’s a popular Android theming app with the capability to produce contraptions. piecemeal from the easy customizability, the druggies can indeed install numerous skins from the Google Play Store. It’s a WYSIWYG( What- you- see- is- what- you- progeny) editor for contraptions.


The stoner can customize the contraptions using different objects, sources, images, shapes, battery measures, rainfall, and more. Any contrivance can be created using these rudiments as the sky is the limit for creativity.

Skin sharing is also possible as the app offers import and import of skins. It indeed allows apk creation of the skins from within the app.


Easy Customization of contraptions
Support for different objects
Hotspots for clickable conduct

In- App purchases
Some of the features are paid

Zooper contrivance
It’s another heavy customization app to produce your contrivance. The stoner can use different triggers, robustness, conduct, and rudiments to design the contrivance. still, a lot of customized themes are available from the Play Store, which the stoner can use with just a many gates. It indeed includes several templates, including timepieces, rainfall, and date contraptions. The app supports minimum, majestic, extremely customizable, and battery-friendly contraptions.

Navbar Apps
It features a dynamic color changing module which changes the navigation bar color matching the App. The stoner can indeed customize the navigation bar using images, battery hand, and other rudiments. It also supports navigation gestures to ease availability. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t work on Huawei smartphones.


To use all the features, the stoner needs to snare the paid interpretation for$1.99 from the Play Store.


It’s an award- winning wallpaper creator. It can aimlessly produce wallpaper, diurnal or hourly. The app doesn’t download any wallpaper from the internet, and all the designs are tone- created by the app itself. Every new interpretation brings instigative new patterns to surprise you with distinguished wallpapers.


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