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There are numerous different programs that you can use to hear to radio. still, there’s a great deal of choice and each program offers different options. To make your hunt easier, we’ve compared the stylish radio apps for Android and iOS for you. With these you can fluently search and find different transnational radio stations and indeed record different songs. Like this, you can produce your own individual music conglomerate according to your own wishes.

hear to radio with the top radio app Audials Play

Comparison of the top radio apps that are available for free
Summary Audials Play is the stylish free radio app
Good to know No brand protection is circumvented
Audials always only records similar unencrypted audio data. According to US Copyright Law “ No action may be brought professing violation of brand grounded on distribution or grounded on the commercial use by a consumer of such a digital audio recording device ”.

The stylish free radio apps for Android and iOS
The stylish free radio apps for Android and iOS
Then’s the list of the stylish free radio apps in 2023

1. Audials Play
Search, hear to, favor or record your favorite music, radio shows, news and sports news. Choose between multitudinous music stripes, for illustration pop, cotillion & electronic, hip hop, gemstone, contry, jazz, classical music, essence etc. The radio sluice is automatically recorded and saved as MP3 and AAC lines. Audials Play automatically separates the songs, adds markers and saves them as separate audio lines on your mobile device. Although Audials Play is free, it’s announcement-free.

easy- to- use, announcement-free radio app
simple stripes, radio stations and artists search
further than 100,000 radio stations available
favor your cherished stations
record several stations of a kidney at formerly with the mass recording
shows top artists and top successes
suggests you original stations
shows lately played stations
sleep timekeeper
Android Android bus, timepiece radio, Chromecast
iPhone auto mode, AirPlay, Apple Carplay
Apps for Android, iOS, and a free web player Audials Live


adding your asked music to music wishes for automatic recording only available with the Android Pro app

2. TuneIn
The well- known Tuneln app is a good choice if you’re interested in radio and sports news. It offers you a wide range of songs and vids. Then you’ll find music in the stylish quality, at 3,000 kilobits per second. You can also discover podcastshere.However, this is your streaming service, If you want to specialize in the stylish music- related content.


Pre-releases of compendiums
good sound quality
App for Android or iOS


No lyrics
only podcasts related to music
announcement-free when switching to decoration
no recording function

3. My Radio Local Radio Stations
My Radio Local Radio Stations is an Android app that gives you access to further than 50,000 radio stations from the US, Latin America, Asia and Europe. Search for specific radio stations, discover new radio stations, hear to your favorite music stripes like pop, gemstone, oldies and numerous further.

This radio app doesn’t have a podcasts section. Recording isn’t availableeither.However, you’ll have to accept that’s shows advertisements, If you use this app.


hear to, find, discover radio stations
auto mode
alarm timepiece

No podcasts
Recording isn’t possible
Not announcement-free radio app
4. Simple Radio
You can search for music by stripes, enjoy live sports events and stay over- to- date with the Simple Radio news. still, if you want to get relieve of advertisements or use the sleep timekeeper point, you’ll need the Premium radio app. In sum, Simple Radio is a radio app that only contains the absolutely necessary functions. redundant features like the dark mode or a auto mode aren’t included.


Find and hear to radio
news and sports news
favoring stations


announcement-free radio app interpretation and sleep timekeeper only with Premium
no recording function
no podcasts
no settings

5. Radio FM
Radio FM for Android or iPhone offers you further than 50 000 radio stations from each over the world. You can search for them by kidney, country, language or network. Add your favorite stations to the pets to fluently pierce them again and again.

With this radio app, you’ll enjoy music wherever you are. This radio app also has numerous functions that druggies don’t want to miss The sleep timekeeper, alarm timepiece, lately heeded stations, news.

Radio FM is also available as a web app where you’ll find all your radio stations to hear to them for free.


Free radio app
Easy- to- use
50 000 radio stations


No recording function
No podcasts
Android app contains advertisements

6. MyTuner
MyTuner is a radio app with around 50,000 radio stations from the US and each over the world. With the MyTuner web app, you can search for stations by country, state and megacity, but not by kidney. That makes it delicate to discover new radio stations.
With the MyTuner app for Android, better stoner experience is assured and hunt is possible by country, state, megacity and kidney. The app recommends you radios and shows radio stations near to you. A sleep timekeeper and a auto mode is included. still, you’ll have to accept that the free app interpretation isn’t announcement-free. With the web app, iOS and Android app, you can hear to and download podcasts, but only podcasts in your language are shown.


free radio app
sleep timekeeper
auto mode
hunt by country, state, megacity, kidney

contains advertisements( to avoid advertisements, the pro interpretation is necessary)
web app doesn’t allow to search radios by kidney
no radio recording point
podcasts only in your language are shown
7. Audacy
Audacy is a free web app that offers you tons of radio stations sorted by kidney, exclusive stations, but also colorful podcasts. Audacy is available as a mobile app for Android and iOS too. A recording function isn’tincluded.However, this radio and podcast player will be sufficient for you because the number of stations and podcasts is veritably limited, If you have some radio stations and you don’t want to discover new bones .

On website you can hear to over 30,000 radio stations worldwide for free. You’ll see stations in the area under” Near You”. You’ll also find tips from the editors and top 100. still, the hunt function offers the possibility to find the right station or you can browse the library fromA-Z to find new stripes, If you’re looking for a special kidney. In addition, a suitable station for your interests can be set up in the” motifs” area. Mark stations, favorite songs or podcasts with a heart and clearly mark them as pets. The website is represented worldwide, should you miss US radio abroad, you’re back home with oneclick. isn’t announcement-free.However, you can switch to the payed interpretation radio, If you don’t PRIME.


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