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Pak Army Salaries and Ranks Officers Basic Pay & Allowances

Is Pakistan Army your passion? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place, Because here you will be told about the rank of the Pak Army and its salary. As interesting as the Pakistan Army force is, its ranking is even more interesting. So let’s start with Rank Salary. pak army caption salry rank full detail given below.

Pakistan Army Ranks from Lowest to Highest

In Pak Army, the smallest rank is Sepoy while the highest is Field Marshal. In today’s topic we will talk about the salary of soldiers from soldier to marshal and discuss their options in detail.

Here is the list of ranks in the Pakistan Army:

Second Lieutenant
Lieutenant Colonel
Brigadier (⭐️)
Major General (⭐️⭐️)
Lieutenant General (⭐️⭐️⭐️)
General (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)
Field Marshal (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

In general, the Pakistan Army ranks are divided into three categories.

  • Commissioned Officers
  • Junior Commissioned Officers
  • Non- Commissioned Officers

Sepoy (Seepahi) سپاہی

There is no title or rank of sepoy but value able and their basic salary is according to BPS-5.

Non-Commissioned Officer

Lance Naik

Non-Commissioned Officer Lance Naik

The lowest rank is that of Sepoy and is promoted from Sepoy to Lance Naik, Lance Naik’s basic salary is determined by BPS-6 and its arms are marked with a single stripe insignia.

Lance Naik salary

Lance Naik at BPS6. Soldierat BPS-5 max salary is 17,185 .


Non-Commissioned Officer Naik symbol

Lance Naik becomes a naik when he gets promoted and is known by two stripes. His basic salary is based on BPS-7.


Non-Commissioned Officer Havaldar

In the ranks of Non-Commissioned Officers who were promoted from Naiks, Havaldar is the highest rank. According to BPS-8, its salary is determined by three strips.

Providing food, helmets, guns, and jackets to the company is the responsibility of the company quartermaster havaldar. The battalion havaldar major becomes the battalion havaldar after achieving good performance. Information is collected daily by this unit and reported to its supervisors on a daily basis. The battalion havildar is the person who processes leave requests for soldiers.

Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs) Ranks

Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs) pak army rank

Naib Subedar

Naib Subedar rank in pak Army

Naib Subedar is the rank below Junior Commissioned Officer,Who gets a promotion from Senior Havildar by qualifying some test. The pay of Naib Subedar is as per BPS-14 and is identified by a belt and a crown. Which is attached to the shoulder


Subedar rank in pak Army

After Naib Subedar, the next step comes for Subedar and its salary is according to BPS-15

Subedar Major

Subedar major rank in pak Army

Major subedars are ranked higher than subedars, and their insignia is a crescent (moon) and star. As far as the pay scale is concerned, a subedar major is paid according to BPS-17. There are some special offers for Subedar Majors, such as making Lieutenant or Major if they perform well. By qualifying tests, only a small percentage of soldiers can achieve this rank.

Commissioned Officers

Second Lieutenant

Second Lieutenant rank in pak army

Second Lieutenants are known for their much-loved insignia of a crown and the pay of Second Lieutenants is as per BPS-17. In the Pakistan Army, a second lieutenant usually gets promoted in six months and then becomes a lieutenant.


Lieutenant rank in pak army

In the Pakistan Airforce and Pakistan Navy, the rank of Lieutenant corresponds to Flying Officer and Sub-Lieutenant, respectively. Two crowns are recognized as the salary of a lieutenant according to BPS-17.


captain rank in pak army

A captain is recognized by three crowns which are placed on his shoulders but the salary of a captain is as per BPS-17. A captain looks after only one company in a unit. The rank of Army Captain is equivalent to Flight Lieutenant of Pakistan Air Force and Lieutenant of Pakistan Navy. And this is admirable rank


major rank in pak army

The next step after captain is major. Major is higher in rank than captain and is distinguished by a crescent and star. The pay of Major is as per BPS-18 which is placed on his shoulders.

Lieutenant Colonel

Lieutenant Colonel rank or badge in pak army

A lieutenant colonel is distinguished by a crown, crescent and a star. The pay of a Lieutenant Colonel is as per Basic Pay Scale: 18. A full battalion is under a lieutenant colonel and the rank is equivalent to a wing commander of the Pakistan Air Force and a commander of the Pakistan Navy.


Colonel rank in pak army

In addition to the two crowns, one crescent, and one star, Colonels are also referred to as officers. A Colonel’s salary is determined by BPS-19, and his or her rank is equal to that of a Group Captain in the Pakistani Air Force and a Captain in the Pakistani Navy. A colonel is the highest rank in the military.


Brigadier rank in army

One-Star Generals, as well as Brigadiers, are in the category of General Officers and recognized with a crescent, a star, and three crowns. The pay scale of brigadier is 20 and its rank is equal to the Commodore of Navy and Air Commodore of Air Force.

Major General

Major General rank in pak army

The major general is identified by a crossed baton and a crown, and he is also referred to as a two-star general. It is the equivalent rank of the Rear-Admiral of the Pakistan Navy and Air Vice-Marshal (AVM) of the Pakistan Air Force.

There are three divisions in a major general, and each division is made up of three brigadiers.

Lieutenant General

Lieutenant General rank in army force

There is one crossed baton, a crescent, and a star on the insignia of Lieutenant General. An Air Marshal of the Air Force holds the same rank as a Vice-Admiral of the Navy. Lieutenant Generals are also called Three-Star Generals, and they are responsible for controlling the entire Army Corp.


General rank in army force

Pakistani Army Generals are recognized by the crossed batons, crescents, and stars, and are also known as Four-Star Generals. As of today, Pakistan has two generals serving. One is the Chief of Army Staff, General Qamar Javed Bajwa, and the other is the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Field Marshal

Field Marshal rank in army force

The rank of Field Marshal has only been achieved by one person in Pakistan’s history, and no one has achieved it so far. In addition to being referred to as a Field Marshal, this officer is known as a Five-Star Officer.

There has only been one Field Marshal in Pakistan’s history, General Ayub Khan. A person who wins a war by leading armies of one or two countries is the only one to achieve this rank.



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