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Picking the most suitable GPS tracking app that’s free can come grueling because there are a lot of choices. But this section helps to identify the effects you ought to look out for when picking the stylish free GPS phone shamus app.

Free GPS Tracking App for Android

How We Choose, Test, And Rate
This first order of features is responsible for judging which app is the stylish.

GPS must work in real- time shadowing.
The app interface must be stoner-friendly and easy to use.
It must track locales directly.
Data encryption and protection must be faultless.
Its support for tracking phone calls, SMS,etc.
client support for druggies.
Reviews from druggies and conditions from top online companies of the phone shamus app.
Its maternal control features.
Main Features It Should Have
This alternate order of features is what you should look out for on the app.

It should be suitable to track the phone’s browsing history.
It can give an accurate GPS position of the target device.
For maternal control, you can circumscribe the movement of your child.
To insure hand monitoring and asset shadowing, you can configure the bias to stay within a secure geofenced area.
Part 2
We’ve tested further than thirty shadowing apps and find that some apps are entirely free, while numerous apps offer a free trial before copping . We’ll introduce five free apps and seven stylish shadowing apps with a free trial.

Paid Tracking App Free Tracking App
β›” Whether Have Advertisements Smaller or no A lot
πŸ‘‘ Quality Higher Average or low
πŸ“± comity Compatible with the rearmost operation system Don’t have guaranteed profit
πŸ’¬ client Support Service Come with instant support service generally no support service
πŸ‘œ sequestration and Security Safe Data may readily to let out
Part 3. 5 Free GPS Tracking Apps for Android( fully Free)
This section has linked five fully free GPS tracking apps for Android.

Google Charts( position Share)
The Google Charts is a free GPS tracking app that saves time and plutocrat on routing plans. And with the real- time position tracking point, druggies can know precisely the position of others on the chart.

Google Charts( position Share)

Google Charts communicates better through verbal directions than other charts.

Their visual features are superior.

druggies can check battery life.

The estimated time of appearance is occasionally not accurate.

Google Family Link

There’s a maternal control point that works through Google accounts.

It allows druggies to manage apps and screen time.

It shares real- time position.

It has no call or textbook control point.

It doesn’t give geofencing features.

Find My Device
handed that a phone is online and you can pierce its Google account, you can find it.

Find My Device

It stores particular data by rigorously following legislation and GDPR programs.

It dyads bias with each other in a private network to allow you to track every moment.

druggies can abolish all the content from the device.

It can play sound on a device for near discovery.

It can lock the target phone ever.

It shows the last given position if the phone is turned off.

It features inner charts of more significant structures.

Samsung Find My Mobile
Samsung Find My Phone will help you track your phone. But you must first spark it. Open your Samsung Settings app, go to Cinch Screen and Security, also look for the Find My Mobile option. Acclimate the settings are your Samsung device will come trackable. To find your device, visit the website. To see your device, input your credentials and elect your Samsung phone.

Samsung Find My Mobile

It offers an entirely free GPS shadowing service.

It has only 20 measures of delicacy.

Its delicacy can be stunned when your device is close to a wooded area, parking garage, and altitudinous structures.

Live Mobile Location Tracker

Live Mobile Location Tracker

Allows druggies to read all SMS and MMS transferred or entered by the phone stoner.

It lets you view all incoming, gregarious, missed calls and their duration.

Helps you to view all the filmland taken and images entered by the phone stoner.

It enables you to see the live position of the target mobile device.

druggies can search the original area for amenities they need.

You can measure the distance between two locales.

It’s a userfriendly and straightforward app to install and use.

Its GPS position shadowing is accurate.

It doesn’t store once locales.

It has protrusive advertisements.

Part 4. 8 Stylish GPS Tracker Apps for Android( Free Trial)
This section has linked the stylish GPS shamus apps for Android that are paid but have a free trial.

AirDroid Real- Time GPS Tracker
AirDroid Maternal Control is the most comprehensive maternal control app for families. It allows parents to manage and cover their kiddies’ Android mobile bias ever. It has inconceivable monitoring features like screen time limits, games and app blocking, position shadowing, suspicious calls tracking,etc.

AirDroid Maternal Control

Know where your sprat and other loved bones are at the moment.

View your kiddies’ real- time position.

Check the former position through the position history.

Manage the phone stoner’s movement by setting safe Geofences.

Get instant cautions when the sprat gets in and out of geofencing

Ever manage kiddies’ phones( cover your kiddies from a dangerous person, surroundings, and content)

Ever use a sprat’s camera screencast on an Android phone to keep your child safe online and insure your child’s digital exertion is balanced and threat-free.

hear to phone girding live.

View announcements on your sprat’s phone, including WhatsApp communication announcements, dispatches, and incoming calls.

No data alert after the sprat has been offline for a long time.

AirDroid Business
AirDroid Business is the top- league MDM result for Android bias, offering a centralized dashboard for managing company bias, covering their status, and giving remote support in case of incidents. GPS shadowing is one of the effective features of AirDroid Business to help enterprises to more manage their commercial bias.

airdroid- business- dashboard

Android GPS shadowing features of AirDroid Business
Track the device’s real- time position in the dashboard or set up geofences to get advised when a device enters or leaves a virtual boundary.

Shows you a complete routing history, allowing you to check the time and place where the device arrived, so as to descry abnormal conditioning.

When your company’s device is lost or stolen, you can ever lock, abolish data or ever uninstall apps to help data leakage.

14- days Free Trial
Life360 GPS Tracking App for Android
This app launched in 2008, and druggies can vouge for its productivity. It has real- time position sharing and history. The place alert point notifies you about the spot of the phone. It updates druggies on what their motorists her doing behind the wheel.

Note The app is n’t suitable for specialized neophyte because its interface is relatively complicated.
Life360 GPS Tracking app

Find My kiddies GPS Tracker App for Android
It’s one of the most notorious children tracking apps. It helps you to track the phone’s position on the chart. It sends a loud signal to the smart device if the phone’s silent mode is turned on. You can hear to the girding of a phone and it has a converse room where you can discourse with your child and family.

Find My kiddies GPS Tracker App

It has an intuitive interface for druggies.

It has multitudinous features.

GPS Phone Tracker for Android
This app is another point reach GPS tracking app for Android that’s features rich. still, druggies have complained that the position doesn’t modernize as frequently.

GPS Phone Tracker

It records the phone’s movement for over to 24 hours.

It has an delicacy of about 30 bases.

It has limited comity with some Android bias.

Where’s My Droid- Android GPS Tracker App
It’s a notorious GPS tracking app that’s utmost exceptional for its theft discovery point. numerous druggies have noted that the theft discovery point has helped help their phones from being stolen.

Where’s My Droid

druggies can ever lock their device, wipe SD card and phone data.

It offers word protection to help unauthorized app changes.

It gives druggies when SIM card or phone number is changed.

Geo Tracker- Android GPS Tracking
This GPS tracking app is stylish for long- distance shadowing.

Geo Tracker

It allows druggies to see someone differently’s route stored in GPX or KML.

It has a point to mark important and instigative points of your trip.

The operation keeps recording indeed when switched off.

It provides statistics similar as track length, altitude, maximum speed, pitch, and other information.

It’s excellent for tracking long- distance locales.

It turns off when the screen goes off on the rearmost Android zilches.

Family Locator- Android GPS Phone Tracker
But druggies have complained that its constant monitoring system drains the battery.

Family Locator

druggies can securely cover loved bones and help interferers from getting their information.

druggies can set up custom textbook cautions to get a announcement when someone arrives at the destination.

It has designed to help families.

It secures position information.

druggies can not uninstall or hide the app.

It costs further than numerous other shadowing services

There are multitudinous other ways to track an Android device for free without using these free apps. The police helpline and carrier support are a many ways to track your phone. still, the apps listed over will give you with decoration services and features to track any Android device and your loved bones .


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