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Police Ranks in Pakistan With Salary and Pay Scale 2022

On this page, you can get the complete details about Police Ranks in Pakistan with salary along with the batches. Each police rank gets a different amount of salary. We will tell you about their pay scales, and information about their minimum & maximum salaries and details of their increment too.

The Pakistani police force is a well-organized group of people tasked with keeping law and order, stopping and investigating crimes, and gathering intelligence. In this article, we’ll look at the ranks of the Pakistani Police force, along with their duties and basic pay grades. Because police ruling is a provincial matter in Pakistan. In Pakistan, the following police departments are the most important

Punjab Police Ranks In Pakistan

Here is the Pakistan Police ranks list:

  1. Senior Police Ranks
    1. Inspector-General
    2. Additional Inspector General
    3. Deputy Inspector General
    4. Assistant Inspector General/Senior Superintendent
    5. Superintendent
    6. Assistant Superintendent/Deputy Superintendent
  2. Junior Police Ranks
    1. Inspector
    2. Sub-Inspector
    3. Assistant Sub-Inspector
    4. Head Constable
    5. Constable

KPK Police Ranks in Pakistan

  1. Superintendents of Police Provincial (BS-18)
  2. Deputy Superintendents of Police (BS-17)
  3. Deputy Superintendents of Police Legal (BS-17)
  4. Inspectors & Sub Inspectors on List “F”
  5. Inspectors Legal (BS-16)

Sindh Police Ranks in Pakistan

The Sindh Police ranks are the same as the other province of Pakistan like Punjab Police Ranks

Police Force Ranks in Pakistan

Inspector General of PoliceIGP PPO (Provisional Police Officer)BS 22/21
Additional Inspector GeneralAdd. IG/CCPOBS 21
Deputy Inspector General/Regional Police Officer/ City Police OfficerDIG/RPO/CPOBS 20
Senior Superintendent of Police/ Assistant Inspector GeneralSSP/AIGBS 19
Superintendent Of PoliceSPBS 18
Additional Superintendent of Police/ Deputy Superintendent of PoliceASP/ DSPBS 17
Junior Ranks
Station House Officer/Police InspectorSHOBS 16
Sub InspectorSIBS 14
Assistant Sub InspectorASIBS 09
Head ConstableBS 07
ConstableBS 05

This page explains the police ranks in Pakistan, along with the batches. Each police rank gets a different amount of salary. Please concentrate on the table below, which was prepared exclusively for the Police Ranks in Pakistan. The police force ranks in Pakistan are divided into two major categories: Junior and Senior ranks. Again, each police force rank has its own unique stamp, similar to the levels of Pakistan military services.

Junior Police Force Ranks in Pakistan

police ranks in pakistan with salary

A district is the main division in Pakistan. After that, each district is subdivided into subdivisions, which are eventually subdivided into police stations. After that, each police station is divided into several beats. Patrolling, surveillance, and intelligence gathering are among the responsibilities allocated to junior officials such as Constables, Head Constables, and Assistant Sub-Inspectors.

The Station House Officer, or SHO, is usually the Sub-Inspector of Police in smaller districts and rural areas. The Inspector of Police is assigned as the SHO in larger and more densely populated districts. Furthermore, if a crime hotspot exists, a police station may be subdivided into police outposts.


A constable is a member of a police station’s junior staff. This position requires an age range of 18 to 26 years. Constables’ basic pay scale or grade ranges from BPS 5 to BPS 7, based on the province. The constable salary is Rs. 10260 – 25260 with the basic Increment of Rs 500

Matriculation is the minimal police qualification in Pakistan for this level.

Head Constable:

A constable’s rank is lower than that of a Head Constable. Head constables in Pakistan are paid on a basic pay scale that ranges from BPS 7 to BPS 9. The head constable’s basic salary is Rs. 10990 – 29290. with the basic yearly Increment of Rs 610

Assistant Sub-Inspector of Police (ASI):

In the police station, the Assistant Sub-Inspector has a higher position than the constable and a head constable. This police officer’s civil service grade runs between BPS 9 to BPS 11. The ASI salary in Pakistan is Rs. 11770 – 33670. with the basic yearly Increment of Rs 730

Sub-Inspector Police (SI):

A sub-inspector can work as part of the staff of a police station in a larger town or city, or be in control of a small police station in a rural or suburban region. The basic pay scale for this police force post in Pakistan is BPS 14. The sub-inspectors salary is Rs. 15180 – 50280. With the basic yearly Increment of Rs 1170

Inspector of Police (IP):

SHOs are police inspectors assigned to the heads of police stations. This rank has a BPS 16 civil service grade. The inspector of police’s salary is Rs. 18910 – 64510. With the basic yearly Increment: Rs 1520

Senior Police Force Ranks in Pakistan

police ranks in pakistan with salary

Pakistan is divided into several provinces, which are further subdivided into regions, that are further subdivided into districts. Each district has a District Police Officer (DPO) in Pakistan, who is effectively the area’s police chief. The DPO reports to the Regional Police Officer (RPO) or City Police Officer (CPO), who reports to the Provincial Police Officer (PPO) (PPO). Moreover, SHO, DPO, RPO, CPO, and PPO are indeed posts, not police ranks in Pakistan

Assistant/Deputy Superintendent of Police (ASP/DSP):

Each district in Pakistan has two or more sub-divisions, as previously stated. A sub-division in a district is overseen by an Assistant or Deputy Superintendent of Police. ASPs and DSPs are gazetted officers because the civil service grade for this position is BPS 17.

The candidate for this position must be between the ages of 21 and 28 years old. The ASP police’s basic salary and the DSP police’s salary are Rs. 30370 – 76370. with Increment yearly: Rs 2300

Superintendent of Police (SP):

At police headquarters, the Superintendent of Police is in charge of a non-field post. The basic pay grade for this police force post is BPS 18. The SP police salary is Rs. 38350 – 95750. Increment yearly: Rs 2870

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP):

The Senior Superintendent of Police is either the DPO or works at police headquarters in a non-field position. The post of SSP has a civil service grade of BPS 19. The SSP police salary is Rs. 59210 – 120210. Increment yearly: Rs 3050

Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG):

The RPO or CPO, or an officer in charge of a non-field branch, division, or wing, is the Deputy Inspector General of Police. You might refer to DIG as a Regional Police Officer or a City Police Officer. In Pakistan police, the basic pay rate for DIG posts is BPS 20. The DIG police salary is Rs. 59210 – 120210. Increment yearly value: Rs 4510

Additional Inspector General of Police (AIG or Addl. IG):

A region or capital city is the responsibility of the Additional Inspector General. This rank can also be used to lead a non-field branch, division, or wing. BPS 21 is their civil service grade.

Assistant Inspector General, which is the same civil service grade as an SPP, is also sometimes abbreviated as AIG. The AIG police salary is Rs. 76720 – 146720. Increment yearly value: Rs 5870

Inspector General of Police (IGP)

The Inspector General is the highest rank in Police. An IGP is a PPO who is in control of the provincial and administrative police forces. This position is a three-star appointment with a civil service grade of BPS 21 or 22. The IGP police salary is Rs. 82380 – 164560. Increment yearly value: Rs 5870

All of Pakistan’s provinces have their own police forces, such as the Punjab Police, KPK Police, Sindh Police, and Balochistan Police. Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Police, Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT), and Gilgit Baltistan (GB) serve in their respective domains.



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