Prize Bond Schedule List December 2022

Prize Bond Schedule List December 2022

A prize Bond is the best funding in our country, it is well-considered as Gold financing and it is a kind of investment security, which gives no profit at all.

Prize bonds are available in the prizes of Rs. 100, Rs. 200, Rs. 750, Rs. 1500, Rs. 7500, Rs. 15,000, Rs. 25000, Rs. 40,000, and Rs. 40000 Premium Bonds

Basically, the prize bond is a kind of lottery provided by the National Savings Pakistan (Ministry of Finance) and accommodate on behalf of the Pakistani Government.

Upcoming Prize Bond Denomination

40000 Rs.7909 December 2022Karachi
25000 Rs.3609 December 2022Faisalabad
40000 Rs.7912 December 2022Multan
25000 Rs.3612 December 2022Lahore
200 Rs.9215 December 2022Faisalabad

In Pakistan prize bonds are accommodated in appropriate series, and each and every series is limited to 1,000,000 bonds (one million numbers).

The draw is held on every three months, moreover, on these bonds, there is no interest and profit given by the National Bank. The lucky winners are announced via lucky draws.

Annually these prize bonds are held in different cities of the country. on a survey, we found, around Rs. 1.6 billion rupees won by the 70,600 Pakistanis

Prize Bonds are available in the following denominations

Prize Bonds Prizes List

Amount1st PrizePrizes2nd PrizePrizes3rd PrizePrizes
Rs. 100700,0001200,000310001199
Rs. 200750,0001250,000512502394
Rs. 75015,00,0001500,000393001696
Rs. 15003,000,00011,000,000318,5001696
Rs. 750015,000,00015,000,000393,0001696
Rs. 1500030,000,000110,000,0003185,0001696
Rs. 25,00050,000,000115,000,0003312,0001696
Rs. 40,00075,000,000125,000,0003500,0001696
40,000 Premium80,000,000130,000,0003500,0001696

Draw No. 23 of Rs. 40000 Premium Prize Bond will be held at Multan on 12 December 2022. The draw includes 1 prize of Rs. 80,000,000/-, 3 prizes of Rs. 30,000,000/- each, and 660 prizes of Rs. 500,000/- each.

you can check previous prize bonds results here

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