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SEPCO Bill Online Check and Download, Sukkar Electric Bill 2022

SEPCO Bill Online Check, SEPCO means Sukkar Electric Power Company, You can check SEPCO Bill Online for every month here(alliednews.org). SEPCO distributes the electricity in the SUKKUR region, and if you are lives in this area that comes under Sukkur and use electricity you must know about it. Every Electric power company where it provides its service to the user gets the bill at the end of every month, the same as SEPCO monthly bills are available.

SEPCO Bill Online Check



You can find your 14-digit reference number on your SEPCO bill upper left corner in row number 3 and easily SEPCO Bill Online Check. When you enter your Reference Number You can get all information about your current bill details. But if you are not sure then, look at the below pic SEPCO bill Reference number is highlighted.

SEPCO Reference Number
SEPCO Reference Number

Some peoples want to know their Invoices from the SEPCO official website (www.sepco.com.pk) and if you want to check your meter status we highly recommend the FESCO official website.

SEPCO bill Online Check Method:

Money peoples live out of Pakistan due to their jobs, SEPCO Bill Online Check stem is really helpful for those people. Before this system faced a lot of problems but with the passage of time SUKKUR electric company improved every day and move their system to manual from online.

If you ware live in the SEPCO region and migrate to any other city then, you want to give your home for rent. Mostly the people who live on rent can’t care about anything especially can’t pay their electricity bills regularly. But If you have such a problem SEPCO will help you to check your bills regularly with the SEPCO Online system.

SEPCO bill check

SEPCO History?

A few years ago the SEPCO was a part of Hyderabad Electric Supply Company (HESCO) but with the passage of time the number of consumers is increased day by day and Electric supply companies faced problems with maintenance, It was divided into 2 parts 1st of them is HESCO reign and 2nd is SEPCO reign. As you know all electric companies are under Nepra it was decided in 2010, but the Sukkur Electric Power Company received a license in 2011 and that is the single company work separately.

SEPCO Covered Areas:

Sukkur Electric Power Supply Company is divided into 3 circles are as follows:

✔️ Sukkur Circle.

✔️ Larakana Circle.

✔️ Dadu Circle.

SEPCO has 3 circles and these circles are divided into 10 Sub-divisions:

✔️ Raheemyar khan

✔️ Jacobabad

✔️ Kashmir

✔️ Sikharpur

✔️ Khairpur

✔️ Larkana

✔️ Ghotki

✔️ Shaheed Banzairabad District

✔️ Kamber

✔️ Dadu and some areas of Jamshoro

The main purpose of these divisions is to facilitate the consumers if anybody faces an issue that can be directly contacted to their Sub-division and every Sub-division is responsible to solve the customer issues.

How to Reproduce the SEPCO Bill?

If you want to reproduce your SEPCO Bill Online Check then use high power devices in off-peak hours.

SEPCO Peake:

Peake hours are those when the rate per unit is very high, It’s 4/24 hours.

SEPCO Offpeake:

That house when the rate per unit is very low and its timing is 20 hours in 24 hours.

SEPCO Office Timing:

Monday09 AM to 05 PM
Tuesday09 AM to 05 PM
Wednesday09 AM to 05 PM
Thursday09 AM to 05 PM
Friday09 AM to 05 PM and 2 hours break
Saturday09 AM to 05 PM
SEPCO office timing

SEPCO Bill Online Check and Calculate:

Not only you can check and download your bill but you can also calculate your bill online just go to SEPCO’s official website enter your desired units and check the result now.

SEPCO Calculator
SEPCO bill calculator
  • SEPCO Bill Online Check and Payment Methods:

If you have a bank account use the android mobile and pay your bill online. Just download the dealer bank application and pay your SEPCO bill Online this method is totally free of cost.

If you are very busy in your daily routine and you have no time to go to the bank or post office and you don’t have your bank account, don’t worry the second method is available for you and that is online payment applications such as JazzCash, Omni, EasyPiasa. If you are out of the city or country you can also pay your bill online.


  • If you can pay your bill through EasyPaisa you just follow these steps.
  • Go to Google Play store search and Install the EasyPaisa app
  • Below the right corner click on the “Bill Payment” option
  • Select the electric supply company name like GEPCO.
  • Your bill will appear then click on the “Pay Now” button.
  • Enter your Reference Number in the given field.
  • Confirm your name and other details.
  • Enter your Pin Code.

Your bill will be paid. If you are not using this application already you have to verify your account from any retailer or franchise.

The verification is a must for the first time then you can use it for the long term.


Q = How to find my Reference Number on the bill?

Ans: If you want to get your Reference Number on the SEPCO bill just look at the top left corner in row 3.

Q = How to check and print my SEPCO Bill Online?

Ans= Just enter your Reference Number in the given field on this website and check your bill then click the button “View Full Bill” to save or print the bill.

Q= How much area is covered by SEPCO?

Ans= Basically SEPCO provides electric power for Sukkur and its interlinked cities like Sindh It’s divided into three circles Larkana, Sukkur, and Dadu. These circles are divided into three Subdivisions.

Q= How to reproduce the SEPCO bill online?

Ans= If you want to reproduce your SEPCO Bill Online Check then use high power devices in off-peak hours.




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