Spark Camera is a fun tool for taking 1080p HD photos and videos for Instagram Stories and IGTV. Additionally, it provides simple access to advanced camera controls for FPS and stabilization, more than 20 filters, and the capability to trim, reorder, and delete clips.

Bonus: Tips for recording content with your smartphone Brian Peters, Buffer’s digital strategist, is the one who assembles the majority of the epic content you see on our social channels. Additionally, Brian shoots almost all of his videos using his iPhone 6.

Some of Brian’s expert advice for making content with your smartphone are as follows:

You can edit your footage and photos with smartphone apps, turning them into great social media posts with just a few taps and swipes.

1. GoPro’s Splice is a free video editing app. Splice by GoPro Splice by GoPro Splice is a GoPro app. It is a powerful video editor with many features, including trimming, cropping, effects, transitions, titles, speed controls, and animations. You can even use its library of free music and sound effects.

Spark Video makes it easy for anyone to quickly create engaging animated videos. Make your videos stand out on social media by easily adding and trimming video clips.

You can use more than 25,000 images and icons to add visual interest to your video. Spark will automatically add striking cinematic motion to your video, so you don’t have to be a designer. You can also choose a soundtrack.


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