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WhatsApp is one of the famed moment messaging apps in 2023. There are nearly1.5 billion druggies of WhatsApp each around the world. This app provides inconceivable features regarding communication. So these stunning features make it the perfect app to use it both tête-à-tête and professionally. thus, this app contains information with great value.

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What if you have some really important exchanges? likewise, can you go to cancel your special bone ’s converse from your WhatsApp? So data in all forms is precious. Unfortunately, you can lose this data due to some specialized reasons.

thus, numerous people seek for WhatsApp converse backup apps. These WhatsApp backup apps not only facilitates them to restore exchanges but also media lines as well. For the ease of the druggies, we’ve enlisted the top 8 most useful WhatsApp converse backup apps.

Features to Consider While Choosing WhatsApp Chat Provisory Apps
First thing first! . Let’s take a regard of some most important features that most druggies consider before buying the right product. So precisely read this composition ahead!

1. Price
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Price is the most important factor. The maturity of people consider this factor before copping an app. Are you looking for a cheaper app? Well, price isn’t a deciding factor.

The cheap operation does n’t mean low quality. Some cheap operations give high- quality work. On the other hand, the precious operation does n’t mean high quality. So do consider some other factors before copping an app!

2. comity
comity- to- consider- whatsapp- backup- app

comity is another pivotal factor. Before buying an app, check the comity of that app to the system. also, you should keep in mind your own routine as well.

3. Success rate
success- rate- to- consider- whatsapp- backup- app

The success rate can be the deciding factor. Do check the success rate. Go for an app that has a lesser success rate. The success rate principally shows the quality of theproduct.However, you should still go for this app, If such an app is a lit bit expensive.

4. Ease of Use

It’s another important factor to consider before copping an app. No bone likes complexity. druggies most frequently go with simplicity. The simple and interactive interface provides the stylish stoner experience.

Top 7 WhatsApp Chat Provisory Apps
So far, you have a good idea to choose the stylish operation according to your requirements. In this section, we will bandy different WhatsApp backup apps. likewise, we will also give some pros and cons to all operations. Check out the map below to have a complete understanding before we talk about these apps.

No Both Android and iOS bias 95 Fair
Super Provisory & Restore Free Completely Free Only for Android bias 70 delicate
Syncios Data Transfer$29.95 Yes Both Android and iOS bias 70 Fair
1. iMyTrans
iMyTrans is a great addition in the worlds of WhatsApp converse backup operation. This inconceivable app comes with all exclusive features to coagulate your data.

still, this app fulfills your entire criteria, If we examine this app at the preliminarily mentioned factors. utmost operations use pall services to store backup data. still, this operation store your entire data locally. So there’s no chance of leakage data at all. thus, this operation is 100 safe.

itransor- for- whatsapp

Look at the success rate of this operation that’s 100. It has comity with both iOS and Android bias. It supports nearly all types of trainformats.However, the app is available at the fair price, If we compare the price with its handed features.

Free Download


This app supportscross-platform transferring WhatsApp.
This operation supports all iOS performances.
It offers a 100 success rate.
It offers a free trial of backup functions. So you can use it to check the software comity with your phone.
This app further provides a plutocrat- reverse guarantee for an entire month!
iMyTrans creates a complete backup history. It means this app does n’t overwrite the preliminarily created backup as numerous operations do.

The cons of this app not set up yet!
2. iTransor Lite
Before we move ahead, it’s important to know that iMyTrans and iTransor Lite are two different operations. It’s another most effective to coagulate your conversehistory.However, iTransor Lite is an optimum option, If you’re looking for the simplest app for backup.
imyfone- itransor- lite

iTransor Lite further helps you to manually produce a backup for WhatsApp. It means you can widely choose connections and exchanges that you want to choose. So it’s the stylish option if you want to produce a backup for your most important data. The app is available at an affordable price with a 100 success rate!


This app offers some of its services free of cost.

It maintains the entire history of backup and does n’t overwrite the former bone .
The app is compatible with all iOS performances.
It provides the stylish stoner experience.

3. CopyTrans Connections
still, add CopyTrans contact on your list, If you’re looking for a dependable backup app. It allows you to restore your data in no time. likewise, it enables you to edit, manage, and recoup your connections as well. Also, with the help of this app, you can publish dispatches and can export them into different formats like HTML, CSV, Word, and PDF.


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